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I Heart Stake Day

I love Stake Day. The love for Stake Day has been instilled deep in my heart by watching other people celebrate it. To see the the joy and excitement on their faces has transferred an anticipation into my spirit, a longing to celebrate my own personal Stake Day. So what is Stake Day? It’s the […]

$1000 from PriceSmart!

$1000 from PriceSmart!

We we’re just awarded with a $1000 grant from Pricesmart! This is what $1000 worth of stuff looks like.   For those of you unfamiliar with PriceSmart, it’s a big warehouse type store that you pay a membership to (like a Sam’s, Costco, BJ’s etc…) based out of California with stores in Central America. They […]

Warning: This post filled with love a...

Warning: This post filled with love and ice cream.

May 9th was a good Monday.   Megan and Ben George, Owner of Kiss Me Ice Cream with his wife Sheena (not pictured).   On May 9th we finally got to see the culmination of a lot of hard work, a lot of planning and a lot of caring about the the future of Cycle […]

Top 5 Apps for Foreign Missions

What are the most necessary and most used apps when you’re going into a foreign country? Here’s our list of the top 5 apps for foreign missions. Facebook Messenger – This is our go to communications app for foreign travel. Even if you have no data or are roaming, this app pulls through with a […]

Enrich Mission Infographic

5 Ways to Prepare for a Short-Term Mi...

boys at a mission in nicaragua at a short-term mission trip

You’ve decided to go on a short-term mission trip and your looking for ways to prepare? Here’s our 5 faves. Connect  We feel the best trips are done in a group, either as a church, family, or just a group of friends. There’s power in community and you’re going to want to talk to people […]