Coffee for Literacy

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Just saying the word makes us glad we have it. Literacy gives us an advantage. Reading and writing is how business gets done. It’s how we communicate. It’s how the world becomes smaller, and we become bigger.


Unless you aren’t literate.


If you aren’t literate, your life path becomes significantly more narrow. There’s no branching of opportunities. There’s no big vision you can buy into. The world is massive, and the thought of conquering it is a million miles away.

Here at Enrich Missions, we want to make sure kids can read and write. It’s part of our core. We want kids to see the world through books. We want them to have a love for reading that’s unquenchable. We want them to see words as art, and fall in love with a simply written poem.

How do we do that? Through our mobile library.

Our mobile library visits schools and promotes a habit of reading. Story time is a moment alone with a book that you don’t want to put down.



We fund this amazing program that reaches hundreds of kids through monthly sponsors who are people just like you.

As a big “thank you” for your $50 donation, we’ll send you 1 pound of fresh roasted, whole bean, locally sourced coffee. Every month you give. Occasionally we send extra stuff. It’s our way of saying thanks for helping enrich the world and make it a better place.

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