First Time Field Trip? Check.


Remember going on field trips as a kid? I remember going to places like the Zoo, Kennedy Space Center, and Big Tree Park. Field Trips are awesome. An entire day devoted to having fun with chaperones and teachers sneakily trying to teach you something.


Field trips in Nicaragua are largely cost prohibitive to public schools, even more so in rural areas like Sor Maria Romero. It’s tough to prioritize family money on a fun excursion for one or two family members.

Enter Enrich Missions. In two vehicles we transported 34 kids and 7 chaperones to Selva Negra, Nicaragua to participate in the Feria Comunitaria Selva Negra (Selva Negra Community Fair).


Do field trips fall under the banner of enrichment? You betcha. Exposing kids to new experiences, taking them to new places, and showing them a larger world beyond their own helps develop them. It helps develop dreams and vision. It helps them imagine a different life than the one they’re assumed to live out.


Yesterday we had the opportunity to take part in the Selva Negra Community Fair. It’s a time dedicated to loving kids and showing them different aspects of agriculture. Complete with sack races and stilt walking it’s the definition of a community event. With plenty of opportunities to visit animals, arts and crafts, and yummy food it was an amazing treat to our ministry and kids.

We want to offer a massive thanks to Selva Negra Community Foundation (you can donate to them here) for inviting us to participate, providing tickets, and loving our kids as much as we do. The staff was amazing and engaging, the location was beautiful, and the experience was enriching. You guys do amazing work and we’re proud to call you friends. We also want to thank our amazing volunteers who make things like this possible.

Want to help support enrichment like this to rural communities? You can donate to the Food for Students program here. We use this money to feed students that are struggling to keep up with their grades. Once we identify them we get them into tutoring and other enrichment programs (like awesome field trips) to help them excel in school.

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