I Heart Stake Day

I love Stake Day. The love for Stake Day has been instilled deep in my heart by watching other people celebrate it. To see the the joy and excitement on their faces has transferred an anticipation into my spirit, a longing to celebrate my own personal Stake Day.
So what is Stake Day?

It’s the day you get to put stakes in the ground of a new building. It comes after the land purchase and before the building process. It’s the first day you get transfer the vision God has put on your heart onto the ground.

For me it’s especially special since this is our first Enrichment Center. Its the first time I get to see the shape of the building on the land God has provided. Today I personally drove stakes in the ground and then painted what the shape of the building will be. From there I just stood in the middle of it, in awe that I get to be a part of this. I kept walking from corner to corner, counting steps and visualizing art classes, boxing programs, and medical clinics. I kept asking “Do you think this is big enough?” to anyone that would listen. Eventually everyone moved out of earshot.

It’s pretty overwhelming. I tried to get home as fast as possible just to write this while my emotions are high. I wanted to convey what I was feeling in my spirit before it became the new normal. Before I got used to it.

Stake Day celebrates God’s vision come to pass. It literally visualizes an idea that’s been churning inside us, waiting for an opportunity to be shown off. Not in a prideful, look at me sort of way, but in a humble, look what the Lord has done sort of way. It bolsters your faith and enhances your spirit.

I am so thankful right now for God, my wife, and you guys.

And stakes.


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