Love is a Feeding Program in Nicaragua.

DSC_0501Love and wellness go hand in hand. When you’re one of the 48% of Nicaraguans that fall below the poverty line, you feel loved when someone hands you a plate of food. You feel loved when your kids receive vitamins to help them grow. You feel loved when you know your student is successful because they’re not distracted by growling stomachs.  All this love can be shared  through a feeding program in Nicaragua.

When you’re cooking food, plating it, and handing it out local community children you’re manifesting the love of Jesus in a practical way. By coming on a short-term-trip and volunteering in the local community you’re serving as the hands and feet of Jesus. That’s what love looks like.

In our feeding program in Nicaragua we reach out to the local school and feed students. We cook healthy, well balanced meals and combine them with a daily multivitamin to aid in overall wellness. Our vitamins are brought down from the U.S. with team members like you. You’re providing the healthy balance needed in this impoverished community in Matagalpa.

Ready to help out in an Enrich Missions feeding program? Click this link and let’s get things going.

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