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Top 5 Apps for Foreign Missions

What are the most necessary and most used apps when you’re going into a foreign country? Here’s our list of the top 5 apps for foreign missions. Facebook Messenger – This is our go to communications app for foreign travel. Even if you have no data or are roaming, this app pulls through with a […]

Enrich Mission Infographic

5 Ways to Prepare for a Short-Term Mi...

boys at a mission in nicaragua at a short-term mission trip

You’ve decided to go on a short-term mission trip and your looking for ways to prepare? Here’s our 5 faves. Connect  We feel the best trips are done in a group, either as a church, family, or just a group of friends. There’s power in community and you’re going to want to talk to people […]

Meet Francisco. He’s a cycle st...

Megan and Francisco - this year Francisco will walk at graduation thank to Enrich Missions.

In Nicaragua, a cycle kid is a student that has failed a grade and is trying to take two grades at the same time. They’re usually older than the other kids and in a lower grade, i.e. 12 years old and in fourth/fifth grade. The grades are called cycles, and that’s where the name comes […]

5 Steps to Enriching a Community R...

missions, ministry, mission trip, nicaragua, short term trip

What is an Enrichment Center? In the United States, Enrichment Centers exist to come alongside schools and homeschool families to add value to the overall education of the student. On any given day you can find classes in French, guitar, etiquette, coding, or any other plethora of subjects you can think of. By adding to […]

4 Challenges Public Schools in Nicara...

school, mission trip, poor, youth, outreach, teen

Our goal is for Enrichment Centers in Nicaragua to stengthen local schools. In order to understand how, first we need to understand what some of the major challenges are to local schools in Nicaragua and how Enrich Missions is battling them. Challenge: Lack of resources  The standard public school system branch has very little in the way […]