Meeting People Where They Are – Working With Public Teachers in Nicaragua

Building Homes in Nicaragua

Working with Public School Teachers in Nicaragua


The public teachers in Nicaragua is facing a crisis. They love their kids and want to help them learn. They know the only way to break the cycle of poverty is through education. They have spent time and money on qualifications and training.

Still, the size of the class and the poverty of the families is a wall they keep running against. With 40+ kids per teacher it remains difficult to provide the type of one-on-one attention some children need. Coupled with the inability to purchase notebooks and pencils and the work becomes nearly impossible.

Working directly with local public teachers and principals allows us to zero in on kids that need special tutoring, materials, and food. While the focus for our ministry is to provide for all school kids, we know there are always special cases that need a little time, help, and love.

Want to work with local teachers in Nicaragua? We need your help. Come for visit and help serve the community of Matagalpa.

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