The Enrich Missions Model

We want our ministry to be scaleable, replicable, and impactful. We want to fill the gap between the Nicaraguan government and students in school, and we want to assist the local church in evangelizing to families in the community.

How do we accomplish this? It starts with Jesus.

We establish a relationship with the local church. We get to know the pastor and the people. We meet with local school teachers and find out what their students’  scholastic needs are. We offer food, medicine, tutoring, and clothing. We become part of the community.

We set up the local church to be the local hub of this new outreach to the community. We install kitchens, build sanctuaries, and construct an enrichment center. We help the local church put outreach into practice.

Our job is to boost the local church. To give them tools to serve their local schools. To enrich lives through Jesus Christ.

This model can be repeated over and over. We can reach out to several communities where poverty is extreme and students are suffering, and develop these “Enrichment Centers” through the local church, boosting both quality of life, education and evangelism opportunities.

This is how we make an impact on the world for Jesus.

We are able to do this thanks to generous contributions from churches and individuals, not just in funding, but also in time spent working during short term missions trips.

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