Time to Build an Enrichment Center

In the six years we’ve been working with the Nicaraguan churches, one thing remains constant all over: the local Nicaraguan Pastor is hard at work tending to his congregation. He’s seen visiting the sick, opening the church for services, and filling every gap he has the energy for.build a church

We love our pastors. We want to see them blessed and refreshed, ready to hear God’s word. One of the aspects of ministry at Enrich Missions is coming alongside the local church and renovate them to handle local outreach like feeding programs, tutoring, and medical clinics. This in turn helps the pastors evangelize the lost and invite new families to worship with them.

Our pastors are valuable commodities and we keep them in our prayers and in our hearts. Want to come and help build a local church Enrichment Center? Click here and let’s get started.

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