Warning: This post filled with love and ice cream.

May 9th was a good Monday.


Megan and Ben George, Owner of Kiss Me Ice Cream with his wife Sheena (not pictured).


On May 9th we finally got to see the culmination of a lot of hard work, a lot of planning and a lot of caring about the the future of Cycle Kids. (Still don’t know what a Cycle Kid is? Read this.)


Free samples!


On May 9th we took 25 certificates for Kiss Me Gourmet Ice Cream in Matagalpa and gave them away to the top 25 Cycle Kids based on academic performance, behavior, and attendance. They can take this certificate back to the Ice Cream Shop and receive a free cone or 2 smaller cones.


So happy!


Why is this significant? There is currently no reward based system (that we’ve found) that partners with local businesses for the purpose of furthering education in Matagalpa. By reaching out to the Cycle Kids (the largest at-risk group for dropping out) we’re encouraging those kids that are excelling to keep up the good work, and encouraging their classmates to work harder.


Several of the Cycle Kids are also involved in our Enrichment Program, and have been receiving tutoring, school materials and good food.


This is something that has never happened to these kids. They’ve never been paraded, applauded, and rewarded for working hard in school. Not like this. Not to this depth of love.



It took the kids a moment to fully grasp what was happening. We had to explain it about 4 times and then have them repeat it. Even then we had a lot of questions.



This kind of stuff gets us excited. We’re pumped about the future of Enrich Mission, and we can’t wait to see the positive, long-term impact this program has!



We want to send out a HUGE thank-you to everyone involved, from the people that sponsored this project financially and prayerfully to Kiss Me, Ben and @SheenaGeorge and the hands making the ice-cream. We’re looking forward to the next grading cycle so we can do it again!


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