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Our Booster Program is designed to help public school kids get the enrichment they need to be successful in their academic career. How does it work? A generous booster from the United States will sponsor a student for $45 a month. That student will receive meals, medicines, uniforms, school materials and tutoring.

As an added enrichment bonus, the student will also be able to participate in an extracurricular Enrichment Program including art, music, and Jiu Jitsu. All these programs are located in the downtown area of Matagalpa, making them out of reach for the average public school student living in an impoverished area. Thanks to your monthly boost, we’ll provide transportation, cover all fees, and purchase any supplies needed. That’s an amazing gift!

To be a Booster simply fill out the contact form below. We’ll assign a student to you based on your preferences. As an added thank you, you’ll receive updates from your student on their lives and schooling. Perfect for hanging on your fridge as a reminder to pray for them daily.



Be a Booster

We run our ministry 100% on donations from people and churches like you. One of our largest programs is our Booster Club. That’s where someone like you in the US supports a child here in Nicaragua on a monthly basis to help pay for school materials,  food, clothing, and an extracurricular class. Without our generous donors we couldn’t accomplish all the amazing ministry we do. Ready to join the club? Click here.

Be a Missionary

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the lives of others? Do you feel like living outside the US is the life for you? You might be feeling a call into foreign missions. We want to help you discover what God’s call on your life is. We have spaces on our team available and we need hands working in the field. There’s a lot of ministry to do and we could use all the help we can get! Start off by filling out this form that will land directly in our inbox and let’s start the conversation.


Be an Intern

Want to do more than serve for a week but not sure God has called you to Nicaragua full-time? An Enrich Missions Internship might be the answer. A standard intern will serve for one month, living and working in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. You can expect to deploy a project of your choosing, study with the leaders of Enrich Missions daily, and experience a lifestyle new and exciting. Each intern experience is tailored to the individual, so fill out a contact form and let’s start a conversation.


Short Term Trips

Want to bring a team down on a short term trip? Awesome, we want that too. The absolute best way to get the ball rolling is to fill out this handy contact form and we’ll get back to you right away. We have lots of ministry to do, so the more hands the better. You can expect to do some cooking, serving, building, tutoring, and loving on one of our standard trips. Want to do something specialized? We do that too. Conferences, medical clinics, retreats, we’ve got experience. Got something new and crazy in mind? Bring it. We definitely want to talk to you.


Want to work together? We want to hear from you. Fill out this handy contact form to get the ball rolling. We’ll get back to you promptly and we can start moving things forward!