Enrich Missions – The Why (Helping the Poor)

Why do we do what we do? Why are we helping the communities local schools?

helping the Poor

We’ve been richly blessed in our lives. We’ve seen and experienced things in our missionary journey that has made our hearts break, and made our hearts soar. We’ve seen families sleeping in dirt, children who’s ribs were showing due to malnutrition, and girls married at the age of 14 to alleviate family resources.

Later, we’ve seen the same children in school, studying and working hard toward a better life. We’ve seen the same families in church, raising their hands and voices to God and thanking Him for all they have.

For all they have.

It’s in those moments, little by little, our call was formed. We feel helping the poor have access to Jesus, basic necessities, and education is God’s call on our lives.

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